Tuesday, October 11, 2011

EP n' shake

Zero Hour.

(drum roll) ...

An EP, titled 'polymers are forever' will be released on 11th November on Remote Control (Australia) and on 14th November on XtraMile (Britain and Europe) with an initial small amount of imports being shoveled the way of the USA, that land mass which is a little to the left of Wales. Pleased doesn't quite cover it. The possibilities, literally, are end-ful.

Running order is 'polymers are forever'(*1), 'with apologies to emily pankhurst'(*2), 'new adventures', 'my wife is unhappy', 'dry hate' and 'destroywhitchurch.com'. It has a running time somewhere in the region of twenty one minutes and is 'very nice' ((c) my mother, last week). The first three songs are taken from the album sessions (see below) whilst the final three are earlier demos we didn't have the time, money or inclination to re-record. At this stage I have no earthly idea if the EP will end up being pressed on vinyl but the chances, as ever, are dramatically increased the more people ask.

Just saying.

'polymers are forever' (the song not the entire EP) will appear on the album 'the plot against common sense', which will be released in early 2012. More about this later(*4). We are really VERY VERY HAPPY with this record, which is perhaps ONE DAY away from being finished, whenever we can fit that in; I would like to apologise in advance to my bandmates and the cat(*5) for how drunk I get upon its completion.

The following live dates are confirmed before the end of the year -

20th November Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach (No, really?) with Saturdays Kids and one more TBC tickets

26th November Leeds, Cockpit (supports unconfirmed at this stage) tickets

29th November London, Hoxton Bar and Kitchen with Saturdays Kids and Fever Fever tickets

Australian dates are as follows -

4th December Perth, Rosemount

6th December Brisbane, The Zoo

8th December Sydney, Annandale Hotel

9th-11th December Meredith Music Festival

16th December Melbourne, The Corner

Ticket information is available here. Really. Can't wait. For all of it.

I appreciate your patience. Rather than blogging (and yes, I still hate that word) throughout the year in a non-commital manner I thought it best to wait until there was something solid to tell you. 'Hey guys - big news coming IN SIX OR SEVEN MONTHS' doesn't really cut it around my face. Or, indeed, my balls.(*6)

More to fellow follow.



(*1) I have read some pretty demented comments about this song after just one radio play (and subsequent streaming). Gary Numan? Obvious Cure references? LIMP BIZKIT? None of these are things. None. Of. These. Listen again. With ears. EARS. (*3)

(*2) this is the DELIBERATE title of the song. A reviewer for a magazine, who shall remain nameless changed 'emily' to 'emmeline' on a setlist she was given earlier this year. How cute.

(*3) laptop speakers do not count.

(*4) and I ask you to interpret the word 'later' generously.(*7)

(*5) the odd seizure and shitting-on-the-doorstep episode aside, Chicken is doing well.

(*6) one balls reference per blog - new policy.

(*7) this is code for 'be patient'.


  1. I suppose that now is as good a time as any (of course it's not) to ask you for some instrumentals from the new record (or the old one) so that my friends and I can sing them at Karaoke. So, would you? What if I told you that one of the singers would be sometime-FotL-tourbro JLP of TOD?

  2. Fantastic news, look forward to checking it out. Add my name to the chorus of people asking for a vinyl release, as well as anything non-import stateside. Moreover, I am willing to assist with that in any way I can.

    Great thing to wake up to, this.

  3. itunes availability for us yanks i presume?

  4. I find great irony in asking for an EP called 'Polymers are forever' to be released on Vinyl. But I'm a Yank, so I want one.

  5. Dear Falco

    Since my fifteen, I'm publicly a absolute fan of all yours works. If you'll join a neo-nazi organisation or tell that you're a complete fan of Bon Jovi, I'll sincerly still be agree with you.
    I also love you in a sexual way, but not publicly.

    But there's still something you have to do to convince me of your perfect, entire and complete perfection.

    Add an RSS flux to your blog.

    This way :
    1. I could have an easier access to your fatwa...no...statement. Or news or anything.
    2. Then I would relay these informations on the webzine I'm Writing. IN FRENCH.
    3. Then next time you'll be in France, all the band will be drown in a wave of sixteen...no...EIGHTEEN year old hot wet blond pussies.

    With all my consideration,


    tchuss, dude !

  6. I'm really happy to read about this this morning!
    I've been looking forward to the new album since the release of the 'I am the least of your problems' demo!

    Good luck finishing the album (and I hope the cat feels better).

    This is one order from France on the XtraMile website (great label by the way) on November 14th.


  7. I will buy a vinyl pressing for sure! Make sure you get over to Canada next year.

  8. It would be great to see this on vinyl - can't wait to hear it.

  9. Polymers ARE forever:

    Please come and play in Manchester - somewhere decent like the Ruby Lounge or Deaf Institute, not damned flies Moho or the Roadhouse.

    Good to hear the new stuff, looking forward to the album!

  10. "New Adventures" makes me so god damn happy I could piss blood. Those nauseating little packets of saccharine pap that floated on a raft of rank scum to the Stolen Continent and washed up in the mid-1990s—especially those detailing the faffing about of "quirky characters" in catshit burgs, and subsequently assuring us that sometimes nothing beats a good wallow in your own filth—jesus, it was mediocrity smiling vapidly at itself in a mirror. To be fair: we Yanks had, concurrently, been industriously puking forth gobs of pre-adolescent bilge played on instruments that sounded actively resentful of all that being-thrusted-against, so I think our shit out-stinks your shit by a fair margin. It says something about the relative quality: a five-minute jam thrown together in the studio that thoroughly disembowels every sad mutation that sprang malformed from the slimy birth canal of the Gallagher twins while being an absolute delight to listen to—but if tasked with finding anything worth saving/remembering/not continuing to have forgotten about popular rock music from the US from Clinton to... well, now—even you (and by you I mean Future of the Left) might come up empty handed.

    Okay, enough with talking to the air around my head.


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