Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Master - Mastered

On Sunday November 13th at 6.23pm the individuals known collectively as 'future of the left' left Abbey Road(*1) studios in London, England with a completed and mastered copy of their new long-form record, 'the plot against common sense'. It runs to 49 minutes and 40ish seconds and contains 15 rock songs presented in the following order-

1.sheena is a tshirt salesman

2.failed olympic bid

3.beneath the waves an ocean

4.cosmos ladder of exploded children

6.goals in slow motion cappuccino

8.polymers are forever

9.robocop 4 - fuck off robocop

10.sorry dad, i was late for the riots

11.i am the least of your problems

12.a guide to men*

13.the mercy of crows*

14.rubber animals

15.notes on achieving orbit

*these are working titles. Well, I just made them up now so I could write this out and post it - sue me(*2). Hell, I needed to tell someone who wasn't in the band about this fucking thing that we made.

Yes. Done. Done'd. Dead. I can't speak for everyone in our (never red - I HATE red) practice room but I'm incredibly proud of this record. It's got everything I ever wanted in, on and through it. I'm also proud that we got here at all after all of the fruity fucking obstacles thrown in our way. (*3) We're working through artwork ideas as we speak. Excitement. Relief. Hope. Hats. We're hoping (well, it's pretty damn certain) for a release early next year - more information on this when we have it to give you.

In other news - the ep 'polymers are forever' is out now. Buy it if you like it. Available digitally through iTunes and physically in shops(*5) or from our OWN HANDS at the following shows -

20th November Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach (No, really?) with Saturdays Kids and Science Bastard tickets

26th November Leeds, Cockpit (supports unconfirmed at this stage) tickets

29th November London, Hoxton Bar and Kitchen with Saturdays Kids and Fever Fever

Australian dates are as follows -

4th December Perth, Rosemount

6th December Brisbane, The Zoo

8th December Sydney, Annandale Hotel

9th-11th December Meredith Music Festival (sold out)

16th December Melbourne, The Corner

Ticket information for Australian shows is available here.

I should add that the London show has been sold out for a while ... another date will be announced very shortly. Oh, and in response to questions I've received from that 'Australia' ... it's highly unlikely we'll be back out there in 2012. That'd be too much, we all think.

I have to go. The cat has just played 'xi' in Scrabble(tm).



ps. The polymers EP can be streamed at for a short time, though I have no idea exactly how short that time will be.

(*1) we learned that, as worldwide brand, Abbey Road is almost as well-known as 'Marmite'. Fancy that.

(*2) on second thoughts - don't. I have NOTHING.

(*3) no jokes in this bit, sorry. A lot of people have helped our charity-shop arses through this experience but none more than our motherfuckingselves. Back-slaps and Dick-pyramids(*4) all round.

(*4) I have no idea what this is but am willing to give it a go for £5000. No flash photography.

(*5) remember shops? We had them in the eighties. They were a bit like Ebay, as I recall, but more brown.


  1. Sounds outstandingly awesome :D Except for Polymers Are Forever. It's too slow and the vocal style/chorus of the first half is awful

  2. Sounds astoundingly awesome :D including Polymers Are Forever. It has a great groove and the vocal style / chorus of the first half is fantastic.

  3. May as well just move to Australia. Downloading the EP from iTunes as I type.

  4. The Ep is already on its way via XtraMile. Can't wait to hear Sheena is a tshirt salesman though.

  5. Has 'Home Taping is Killing Susan' not made it onto the record? Would be a shame, really enjoyed it live.

  6. It would be a shame, but the main thing is that 'Notes On Achieving Orbit' is going to be released. Possibly the best song FotL ever wrote.

  7. FALCO !!

    when will you be back to the northern regions of you homeland !??

    we miss your music, sort it out !! hahah x

  8. Please play in the U.K. in January! I'm an American fan, but I will be in London all month!

  9. Get back up to "the toon" man Falc!!!!!